Myrene Fjellström

Cobbler and founder of Reboot

Myrene decided early on to become a cobbler. She finished her shoemaking training in 2013 and then took over Beischers, which was a well-known and established shoemaker in Borlänge. The craftsmanship required by the shoemaker's profession and the satisfaction of bringing tired shoes back to life beckoned. 

Myrene is involved in everything related to Reboot and as a customer you can meet her in the store in Hantverksbyn and on social media.

You can reach Myrene at



Malin Redhe


Malin is our seamstress and she takes care of all the clothes that are handed in. Malin also makes boat covers, bags and the occasional pair of shoes. You can meet her in  both Buskåker and Hantverksbyn. 
You can reach Malin at

Peter Jonsson

Technical manager and co-founder


It may happen that you run into Peter in the shoe shop, but most likely you will email or talk to each other on the phone. Everyone is very happy that it is not Peter who cooks things.

You can reach
Peter at