From Beichers to Reboot

1921 - Beichers shoe store

 Beicher's shoemaking business and workshops were founded in 1921 by Wilhelm Beischer and his partner, with an unknown first name, Holm.  

Beichers was located at Borganäsvägen 40 and Sveagatan 10 in Borlänge and they quickly became known for their good service and fine repairs. Among the production, the shoes with tin caps that were delivered to Domnarvet's iron works are particularly noticeable.

Beichers höll till på Borganäsvägen 40 och på Sveagatan 10 i Borlänge och de blev snabbt kända för sin goda service och fina lagningar. Bland tillverkningen märks särskilt de skor med plåthätta som levererades till Domnarvets järnverk.

 1955 - Paul Beicher at the helm

In 1955, Wilhelm's son Paul Beischer and colleague Gustav Andersson had formed a company and taken over the business.  Paul Beischer ran the business with great success for more than 30 years, then handed over  the shoemaking business to Seppo Noponen in 1987, who moved from Helsinki to Borlänge. Seppo in turn sold the business on to Ali Saftar in the early 90s.

1987 - Ali is the new owner

Ali, who had arrived from Afghanistan a few years earlier, quickly became a popular cobbler in town. He grew up in a shoemaker's family and learned the trade from scratch which contributed to his esteemed deed.

60 years of Vattugatan

Beicher's shoe factory was located in this house for nearly 60 years. This address previously housed a stable for the city's horse-drawn carriages, but when the premises were empty they proved to be well suited for this type of business as well.

2015 - Skomakeri Reboot

The shoemaker remained at Vattugatan 9 until 2015 when Myrene chose to move the business to Hantverksbyn 5. During the first years on Vattugatan, she thought a lot about how the shoemaker could develop and it was clear that the business had outgrown the premises.

When the house in Hantverksbyn became available, it was time to take the next step. The premises are now significantly better adapted to the business and accessibility has improved for customers and visitors.

The move to Hantverksbyn was the restart that is the basis for the name Reboot. 


Flytten till Hantverksbyn blev den omstart som ligger till grund för namnet Reboot.